Trilogy Challenge 2017 Presented by Steel City Discs

Fun times on July 1st, 2017. The 2017 Trilogy Challenge Presented by Steel City Discs. 72 people showed up to this Trilogy Challenge, which was the most we’ve seen in 3 years!

In this video we: review the Trilogy Challenge Discs. The Latitude 64 River Pro, Westside Discs Pine, Dynamic Discs Deputy. We also show how the tournament was run and show some of the fun conversations and events we had while there.

People in the video: Cody Winget, Andy Flemm, Adam Couture, Brian Keegan, BJ Reiher, Zachary Schweitzer, Troy Wagner, Lori Merriman, Greg Belles, Jimbo Jackson, Tim Sladisky, Macky D, Travis Huff, Josh Simpson and so many others!