LONGEST DRIVE I’VE EVER SEEN HOLE 3! 2019 Hunt Final Round Back 8 Woodward Gilbert Dockrill Pancoast

2019 The Hunt at Deer Lakes
C-Tier Final round Back 8 MPO Lead Card
Deer Lakes Disc Golf Course
Tarentum, PA (Near Pittsburgh)
Tournament Director: Eric Nichols

Disc Golf Examiner is proud to bring you coverage from the 2019 Hunt at Deer Lakes. This event features players from Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

Featured Players: Adam Wood Ward, Justin Gilbert, Cody Dockrill, Ross Pancoast

Commentary: Eric Nichols and Adam Woodward

Videographer and editor: Brian Keegan

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Editor’s note: I simply put 1 too little holes on this video and didn’t notice until it was too late! Doh!