2020 North Boundary Flex Start – Back 9 / Nichols / Horwat / Montanari / Winget

2020 North Boundary Flex Start C-Tier Tournament
MPO Lead Card
Back 9 Holes
North Boundary Park
Cranberry Township, PA

Featured Players:
Eric Nichols
Dan Horwat
Vinny Montanari
Cody Winget

Disc Golf Examiner is excited to provide coverage from the 2020 North Boundary Flex start! This is the first tournament at this brand new, championship level course! This video is the second half of the course, so if you didn’t see the front 9 yet, make sure you check it out!

North Boundary park, located in Cranberry Township, PA is the 10th longest course in the world at over 10,700 feet! Every hole has 3 tee boxes for various difficulties.

Commentary: Cody Winget and Brian Keegan
Cameramen: Bryan Bowman ( Catch Cam ), Brian Keegan (Tee Cam )
Special thanks to J Gary Dropcho for helping us with the hole walk-throughs.