2018 Edinboro Royal Stewarts Open Koons / Woodward / Montanari / Howe

2018 Edinboro Royal Stewarts Open Presented by Innova
Edinboro, PA
Edinboro DGC

Special thanks to our Broadcast sponsor Grip it and Rip it Disc Golf LLC. If you are looking to get a course designed or get Disc Golf instruction, J Gary is your guy!

Featured Players:
Alan Koons, Adam Woodward, Vinny Montanari, Colby Howe

Disc Golf Examiner is excited to bring you coverage of the 2018 Edinboro Royal Stewarts Open. This tournament took place on a brand new course.
Round 1 photos can be found on Disc Golf Examiner’s Facebook page.

TD: J Gary Dropcho
Videographer: Brian Keegan
Commentators: J Gary Dropcho and Brian Keegan

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