2020 PFDO I Round 2 – B9 FPO LEAD CARD Featuring, Brakel, Widboom, Hokom, Fajkus

We know you want it, so here it is: the 2020 Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open FPO Feature Card Round 2 Back 9, featuring Kelsey Brakel, Ellen Widboom, Sarah Hokom, Lisa Fajkus.

Commentary by: Maria Montano, Holly Finley
Videographers: Bryan Bowman (Tee Cam), Matt Lienemann (Catch), Jeff Revilla (Slomo)
Editor: Brian Keegan

Thank you to Innova Discs Golf for sponsoring our coverage!
Tee Sponsors:
Hole 1: Heartfelt Restorations
Hole 3: Defunk Disco
Hole 4: Preferred Fire Protection
Hole 10: Meinert Well Drilling
Hole 11: Maria Montano
Hole 15: Grip it and Rip it Disc Golf LLC
Hole 16: Uniontown Detailing
Hole 18: McAfee Masonry

The Pittsburgh Flying Disc made this event possible.
TDs: Matt Rosier, Eric Nichols