2019 In the Bag: Zach Schweitzer

Disc Golf Examiner is excited to present to you an In the Bag video with Prodigy sponsored player Zach Schweitzer.

Zach is a pro player from the Pittsburgh area, who has helped us on countless Disc Reviews, commentated on tournaments for DGE and even been covered by us in local tournaments.

Zach will be moving to Spokane, WA soon and we want to wish him and his family the very best. If you are in the area, we are sure you’ll become fast friends with Zach. Make sure you give him a shout out if you are!

Check out Zach’s Youtube channel here!

Thanks to special guest voice appearances (in order they appear): Eric Driscoll, Cody Winget, Chris Lahendro, Nate Langer, Eric Nichols

Special thanks: Bryan Bowman for helping get some Zach footage

Honorable mentions: Eric and Tina Oakley, Dan Horwat