Disc Golf Examiner Shoot Out – Pilot Episode

Disc Golf Examiner is proud to share with you a brand new type of Disc Golf Video content! It’s the Disc Golf Examiner Shoot Out!

In this video, 5 competitors will challenge each other to make increasingly difficult shots. Player 1 picks a spot and shoots for the basket. Every player must try to get closer to the basket than Player 1, if they do not get closer, they must putt, if the putt is missed, the player receives a letter. Spell the word “S-H-O-O-T” and you’re OUT! Players are encouraged to heckle and have fun!

Players in today’s game: Matt Rosier ( Team Hazy Shade ), Adam Woodward, Chris Lachendro ( Team Disc Store ), Dan Horwat, Vinny Montanari.

Hosts: Jeff Revilla (With the mic), Brian Keegan

Videographers: Brian Keegan ( Tee Cam ), Bryan Bowman ( Catch Cam)

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