Plastic Picasso Ep. 2: Mike Sullivan & Marm O. Set – Plague Doctor – Self Portrait Series

Welcome to the second episode of Plastic Picasso – exploring the art of the chains and the hot stamps that make our sport cool.

Mike “Sully” Sullivan has started something great here: a series of stamp artist self portrait discs from some of the heavy hitters and up-and-comers. He’s got an eclectic background as a lawyer, cook, professional vocalist and all-around great example on team MVP and as a member of the PDGA Board of Directors.

The first release in Sully’s series comes from one of the most prolific stamp artists these days, Marm O. Set, who has been working with major brands, professional players, engineering design firms and even has ideas for a comic book series. Marm will talk with us about his take on art in disc golf and how this amazing stamp is a self portrait of the artist.

IG: @mvpsully

IG: marm_o._set
Engineering & Design:

Music: Bryan Bowman