Grow Disc Golf Day! First Time Disc Golfers KSWA and Hustlebot Battle it Out it Schenley Park

And now… The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Disc Golf Examiner presents our main event: Wrestlers vs. Comedians! In an effort to support 2016 Grow Disc Golf Day, we brought two groups of people together that have never played the sport before and had them face off!

Two KSWA Wrestling Champions, Jay Flash (KSWA Heavyweight Champion) and Shane Starr (KSWA Golden Triangle Champion) go head to head with KSWA referee David Fedor and his comedy troupe Hustlebot, consisting of John Feightner and Joe Wichryk II.

Local pro Vinny Montanari showed up to teach these new players how it’s done!

Special thanks to Dynamic Discs and Bobby Brown for donating Truth discs for the players to use!
Videographers: Brian Keegan and Jeff Revilla

Remember that Grow Disc Golf Day is Oct. 10th-16th, but you can grow Disc Golf any day by inviting someone new to play!

We hope you enjoy WRESTLERS VS. COMEDIANS!