Best of Disc Golf Examiner 2018

Welcome to the Best of Disc Golf Examiner 2018!
We want to wish you all a very Happy New Years and we thought a great way to celebrate
would be to share some of our best moments of 2018! We hope you enjoy and have a happy
and healthy New Year with lots and lots of banging chains!

People/things in this video:
Moraine Nebula
Chris Dickerson
Matt Blakely
Prodigy Disc
Discraft Disc
Cody Winget
Team Truly Unique
Matt Rosier
Hazy Shade Disc Golf
J Gary Dropcho
Innova Disc Golf
Tyler Horne
Cyrus Fuhrman
Bryan Marcinkowski
Tiger Borth
Sandy Hendel
Paige Bjerkaas
Dynamic Discs
Alex Russell
Latitude 64
Corey Ellis
Andrew Fish
Nathan Queen
Andy Martin
Nick Shultz
Sam Castiglione
Mike Gastin
Joe Cruz
Bryan Bowman
Westside Discs
Sean Reed
Vinny Montanari
Colbey Howe
Wood Ward
Alan Koons
Red Whittington
Yikun Disc Golf
Viking Discs