Viking Discs – 7 Disc Giveaway

Over the next few months we’ll be testing 7 Viking Discs.  We just received a box of discs and when we are done, we are giving the entire box away!  Signing up is easy, just scroll down below and take a look at all 7 discs (you can scroll left and right), then click the enter button.  We’ll be picking a winner on Halloween!

Rune – Ground – 170-172g – Straight Putt and Approach
Knife – Ground – 170-172g – Stable Putt and Approach
Axe – Ground – 170-172g – Stable Mid-Range
Nordic Warrior – Armor – 170-172 – Overstable Mid-Range
Cosmos – Armor – 164-166 – Stable Fairway Driver
Ragnarok – Storm – 173-175 – Distance Driver
Thor – Storm -173-175 – Fast Long Range Driver

Once you log in, you’ll have the opportunity to submit multiple entries and get multiple chances to win!

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